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Bird Cage Covers

cover.jpgAlthough some bird owners would say that a bird cage cover is not an absolute necessity, cage covers do have some definite advantages for your bird.

Firstly, a bird cage cover keeps out any draughts, keeping your bird warmer in the winter months.  It will help to keep out a certain amount of noise which is good if your parrot is kept in the same room as the family’s TV.  More importantly, a bird cage cover will keep out most of the light, which will assist your bird in sleeping.  A lot of people are unaware that most parrots need to sleep around 12 hours at night whilst most people only need around 6-8 hours. This difference can have a huge effect on your bird’s wellbeing as having the right amount of sleep will benefit his temperament and more importantly, his health.

In his natural habitat, a bird will usually sleep high in a tree where it feels protected by the foliage. A good quality cage cover will give your bird the same security that a tall tree gives him in the wild.
Although any material could work in theory, ideas-4-pets would advise you that it is better to buy a bird cage cover that is made for bird cages. Otherwise, you could run the risk of your bird becoming entangled in the material. It is also adviseable to purchase a bird cage cover that is washable.

Most bird cage covers are made from durable, poly-cotton black fabric which is stain and water resistant and the better quality ones are made from a non-toxic material.  They will have a front flap opening which can be lifted to provide access to the parrot cage door without removing the cover and this flap can then be secured on both sides with Velcro fasteners.

There are bird cage covers specifically designed to fit dome top parrot cages and also the play top or gym top parrot cages so you should be able to find one to fit the type of cage you have purchased for your bird.

It is adviseable to use a bird cage cover at roughly the same time each day because, just as we humans do, birds need a routine in order to feel safe, happy and secure.

In order for your bird to have his 12 hours sleep, a good idea is to put the cover on his cage at roughly 8.00pm and take it off again at 8.00am in the morning.

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