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Cat Kennels

Since we started selling cat kennels at Ideas-4-Pets, we have been amazed and delighted at the amount of them we have sold.  Our cat kennels come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit your requirements, fitting in with the size of your garden and the active needs of your cat. 

A cat kennel will give your cat a safe and secure environment in which to sleep & play and we have such a wide variety of cat kennels and cat houses, with or without cat runs and  in various shapes and sizes so you are sure to find one to suit the needs of your cat and you.

Most cats love the outdoors but we worry about them being attacked by predators, getting lost or getting injured or killed on the road.  With a cat kennel, you can be reassured that although your cat can smell the outdoors and benefit from the fresh air, it will be safe from predators and from straying too far away from home and on to busy roads.

The sleeping area in the cat kennel will provide your cat with a warm, cosy little house so that when the outdoors has got too much, she can snuggle down in a warm, comfortable cat bed and sleep for a while.  When she awakes, she can climb down the ramp and into the play area so if you put some cat toys or a tree branch in there, she can keep herself amused until she comes indoors again.

The litte box at the end of the cat kennel can either be used as a place for her cat litter tray or just a warm, dark place to hide.  The size of cat kennel you choose depends upon the amount of cats you own, the size of your garden etc. and how much room you want to allow your cat to have.  You can also choose whether to have the cat kennel made from timber or from  eco-friendly recycled plastic - these are great to keep clean as you can just wipe or hose down.  They don't warp, smell or rot and insects cannot live on plastic so they remain hygienic.  They are also insulated for extra warmth in winter and keep cool in summer.

Look at our range of cat beds and cat bedding to keep your cat comfortable whilst in the cat kennel.

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