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Rabbit Hutches

Rabbits spend a lot of their time in rabbit hutches outdoors so it is important that you choose the perfect rabbit hutch to suit their living needs.

A rabbit is a welcome addition to any family, as this loveable pet will bring many memorable moments to the lives of those who will enjoy looking after their new pet.  As they spend a lot of their time in their rabbit hutch it is important that you choose the perfect rabbit hutch for your pet.  Here at Ideas-4-Pets we understand how important pets are to their owners, which is why we like to provide our web visitors with helpful advice regarding their rabbit.

The best way to care for a pet is by purchasing a high quality rabbit hutch, which is large enough to accommodate your pet’s size and give them room to move around. An outdoor rabbit hitch can be kept in your garden and should incorporate a mesh window or door to allow fresh air to circulate in the hutch. Outdoor rabbit hutches are available in single sizes or with an under-run to give your rabbit more room.  Take a look at our extra-large hutches with runs attached.

We like to think that most of our customers will opt for large rabbit hutch to provide their furry pet with ample space to stretch and move around in. Some of our large rabbit hutches have a compartment which your rabbit can sleep in, as well as a living area that they can explore at their leisure.  Many large rabbit hutches incorporate a  ramp to allow access to upper levels and this can help to ensure the remai rabbit remains fit, healthy and happy and not get bored, fat and unhappy.

If you like your rabbit to live indoors during the colder months, our indoor rabbit cages are excellent value for money and are extremely competitive with our industry rivals prices. We believe that when it comes to high quality rabbit cages and rabbit hutches, you will find it hard to find products better than ours.

But don't forget that rabbits love to have the freedom to hop around outdoors and often their hutch doesn't allow this type of activity.  Treat your rabbit to an outdoor rabbit run so that you can feel secure in the knowledge that your rabbit can hop around, stretch his back legs and sit up to look around.  Rabbits need lots of exercise to keep them in peak health and they also love to be handled and cuddled.  Just make sure that you handle your rabbit from an early age and hold it in a safe and secure manner (not by the ears!!)