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Ugodog - Innovative Puppy House Training Mat

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Ugodog - a new idea in puppy training aids - stylish, innovative, economical and easy to keep clean - all the benefits of a litter tray but without any of the mess.  This clever "mat" is designed to make cleaning up simple and easy and is environmentally friendly.  

Benefits of the Ugodog over absorbant paper training pads

  • The pads do not prevent your dog's paws from getting wet
  • Puppies love to play with the pads and tear them to pieces
  • The Ugodog works out more economical in the long run 

Other Benefits

  • Ideal if you have a dog but not a garden for them to toilet in
  • Ideal if you work long hours and your dog needs to be toiletted - NOT to replace walks
  • Use in addition to trips to the garden when training your pup
  • Better than a conventional litter  tray as dogs tend to create unintentional mess when they try to cover up their "whoopsies"  


  • Measures 26.5"L x 19.25"W x 1"H (67cm x 47cm X 2.5cm).
  • Solid base that will support any dog regardless of breed or size
  • 2 removeable fitted grates with square openings which allows the urine to pass through
  • The openings of the grates are specifically sized so that even tiny puppies don't get their paws trapped
  • As the urine passes through the grates to the base below, your dog's paws remain dry
  • Just place newspaper in the bottom of the base and this will absorb the urine and odour
  • Remove the grates frequently and throw away the used paper
  • If your dog does his "No. 2's" on the mat, the grates allow this to sit on top so that it is quick and easy to remove
  • Simply lift the grate with the poo on it and drop the poo down the loo or in a bin and throw it away
  • Every evening it is adviseable to wipe the grates with a wet paper towel or cloth to keep fresh and clean
  • Colour may vary from that shown


Please allow approx. 3 working days for delivery  (subject to availability)
For delivery to Scotland & all off shore destinations please contact us with your post code for delivery charges

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In case another customer wants more info on this product, my 11 year old and 9 month old jack russells took to the tray like ducks to water. For the times they don't have free access to my garden and the fact that the younger dog thinks its the best game in the world to tear round and shred up a nappy pad, this product is excellent. A small square of wet nappy pad or newspaper put on top of the clean pad, as an attractant for the first use is all that is needed and my dogs 'performed' within a few hours in the right spot. Your delivery and service is excellent and also you are much cheaper than other suppliers due to free delivery. One company wanted another 6.50 on the price. many thanks Julie Thomas

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